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I remember in year 2 there was a girl who had literally never had a haircut so her hair was ridiculously long [imagine Rapunzel basically] and she always complained about it but her mum wouldn’t let her get  it cut

So one day at recess she put an entire pack of chewed gum in her hair at the exact length she wanted it cut to.

She came in the next day with her hair cut how she wanted it and a smug grin on her face and I knew that that girl was going places. 

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dad and mom

treat or trick

josh and drake

cheese and mac

stop that thank you

jelly and peanut butter

George and Fred

white and black

Juliet and Romeo

This is the most uncomfortable post on tumblr

The scariest thing about this post is that I couldn’t work out what was wrong for a good minute until I read them aloud because my brain automatically read them in their correct order 

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every episode of scooby doo

  • guy:

    something spooky's happening

  • fred:

    k we'll come check it out

  • fred:

    daphne, velma come with me

  • daphne:

    lol okei

  • shaggy:

    but scooby and i are terrified of everything why do you always fucking send us off alone

  • velma:

    shut up you two

  • shaggy and scooby:

    *run into monster*

  • scooby:


  • shaggy:

    *oblivious to everything*

  • scooy:


  • shaggy:


  • *the monster chases them accompanied by fun music:

    part 1*

  • shaggy and scooby:

    *meet up with fred, velma, and daphne*

  • fred:

    what happened?

  • shaggy:


  • velma:

    uh oh

  • monster:


  • all:


  • *the monster chases them accompanied by fun music:

    part 2*

  • *they run into one room and come out of another one, i don't fucking know how that's possible*

  • velma:

    my glasses! i lost my glasses!

  • monster:

    *picks up velma's glasses and hands them to her*

  • velma:

    thanks. ....JINKIES!

  • *the monster chases them accompanied by fun music:

    part 3*

  • monster:

    whoops i tripped

  • scooby:

    i captured you

  • *they pull the monster's mask off*

  • fred:

    oh look it's the suspicious guy we met at the beginning of the episode who was super suspicious and greedy and he wanted money

  • suspicious guy:

    and i would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dumb dog

  • scooby:


  • all:


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